Making Your Smoothies More Winter Worthy

There's a lot to love about smoothies. They're usually sweet, they go down easily and they are a quick way to boost your nutrition for the day. However, smoothies are not ideal for winter because their cold nature will further increase the vata-qualities of cold and dry. So what to do in the middle of winter when you're craving a smoothie? Here are a few tips to make your smoothies more winter-worthy! Read More

3 Quick & Easy Winter Meals

The holidays are over and its back to work and school. These short, dark days of winter can leave me feeling like I can't get everything done and have time to cook, too. I like to keep it easy in the kitchen this time of year to make space for other things (like extra sleep!). However, I still make sure to prepare meals that are balancing during winter - which means foods that are warm, moist and heavy to counter the cold and windy nature of this season. Here are three of my favorite easy winter meals. Read More