Cooking with Oil: Which is Best?

Over the past decade, more and more research has gone into the effects of heated oils on our health. The research can be confusing - is olive oil suddenly bad? Should I stop using oils in cooking altogether? Before you decide to go completely raw from fear of dying from heated-oil-itis, read on to find out how you can still safely use oils in cooking. Read More

3 Ways to Stay Balanced During Fall

The energy swirling around in our world right now is intense - and not just because of the recent election (although that's got a lot to do with it). Fall and early winter are considered vata season and they bring an excess of the air and space elements. This means more lightness, coldness, mobility and generally more roughness around the edges. While some constitution types may be affected more than others, everyone benefits from working to bring balance to each season. Read More

More Natural Support for Anxiety and Insomnia

Anxiety and insomnia are two related conditions that are common in our fast-paced culture. According to Ayurveda, these conditions are treated based on their underlying cause, which is generally related to either vata or pitta imbalance. (For more information on the doshas see my Learn page.) In a previous post, I shared about specific foods that can help with these conditions. Today I will share other natural ways to resolve these issues using Ayurvedic wisdom. When anxiety and insomnia are caused by vata imbalance, they are marked by the qualities of the air and space elements: cold, dry, light and mobile. This may show up as cold hands and feet, trembling, dry skin, dry constipation, feeling “spacey” or ungrounded, excessive movement (such as pacing) and walking and talking too fast. Read More

Using Fat to Detoxify Your Fat Cells

One of the unique, and most beneficial, aspects of the Ayurvedic home cleanse is the technique of oleation - which basically means oiling the body. I have talked a little bit about this method in previous newsletters and blogs, but today I want to go more in depth, so that even if you have completed a cleanse with me and have some understanding of this concept, I can shed more light on it. Read More

The Ancient Art of Natural Weight Loss

Don't you wish you could eat whatever you want -- and still lose weight? Well, can! Almost. Weight loss is a hot topic in our culture and it seems to be somewhat mysterious...why can some people lose weight quickly, while others follow a strict diet and still can't slim down? Ayurveda has some secrets that support weight loss without starvation diets. Read More

Foods for Insomnia and Anxiety

Insomnia and anxiety are two of the most common conditions that many people never seek support for. Too often, these become "the norm" in our lives, but in reality they have an impact much bigger than we might at first believe. A good night of rest - without any interruptions - is essential to our body's natural detoxification process, as is the ability to have restful times throughout the day. When a constant state of anxiety or feeling nervous, fearful or "on edge" becomes our daily modus operandi, the brain and body are not able to properly produce the necessary hormones for restful sleep. Once sleep, and therefore our ability to detox each day, is compromised, a domino effect occurs, leaving us with less than optimal liver function, leading to poor digestion, leading to IBS, gas and bloating, leading to poor lymph drainage leading.... the list goes on. Read More

How Much Protein Do YOU Need?

High protein diets are all the rage right now. Just as we made fat the enemy in the 80's (only to witness a significant increase in the weight of Americans), now we have made carbs the enemy. Many people ARE losing weight through high protein diets, but Ayurvedic wisdom teaches us that extremes are never the answer. Read More

When to Worry About Blood Sugar

Diabetes has become an epidemic in modern cultures, and especially so in America. According to - Approximately 9.3% of Americans suffered from diabetes in 2012. - Of this number, over 8.1 million people were undiagnosed. - In 2012, 86 million Americans over age 20 had prediabetes. What's more, this number had risen from 79 million in 2010. Do you need to worry about your blood sugar levels? Read More

3 Healthy & Delicious Treats for Mother's Day

I always love to give the special mothers in my life something delicious but also nutritious for Mother's Day. Here are three of my favorites. Read More

The Mindbody Cleanse Book is Published on Amazon!

After - literally - years of writing and re-writing and editing and re-editing, the book is finally here!!

Complete with over 100 recipes, yoga, meditation and breath work practices for cleansing and detailed cleansing protocol, Ronly Blau and I wrote this book as an easy-to-follow guide you can use at home.

If you are joining one of my guided cleanses this spring, you receive your copy as part of your program. But, if you are unable to join in a guided group this spring but need a re-set, then purchase your copy now!