"I lost a total of 23 pounds during the cleanse...this really did jumpstart a healthier way of eating for me. It was my first organized cleanse and I can't say enough good things about it! I would recommend Adrian/this cleanse to anyone wanting to kick-start a diet or anyone wanting to feel empowered over their body (instead of your body and its cravings controlling you)."
- Jill, Ayurvedic Cleanse

"A completely positive experience. What I enjoyed most about the group cleanse was Adrian's guidance, the community, the immediate results and the sense of it being 'do-able' and normal. Adrian is a natural teacher,
an excellent listener and a wonderfully 'regular woman' (in a good way!)"
- Beckie, Ayurvedic Cleanse

"...my cravings for [alcohol and sugar] have subsided...I also feel that my elimination has improved. I would recommend this Ayurvedic Cleanse to those interested in learning how to eat for their constitution and/or those looking for a nourishing cleanse that is not about intense restrictions, but more about using food as medicine and healing the gut...
Adrian's recipe book is amazing! SO many nourishing, easy to prepare whole food recipes that are DELICIOUS!"
- Justene, Ayuvedic Cleanse


"The biggest change I noticed through this experience is increased energy and joy."
-Anne, Ayurvedic Cleanse

"I was less bloated and constipated after eating during the cleanse, rheumatoid arthritis inflammation decreased and I was able to recognize my 'need' for chocolate and wine as a special indulgence and not a necessity, since my cravings for these things lessened during the cleanse."
-Holly, Ayurvedic Cleanse

"...my allergies went away and my husband did not snore for a week, which is amazing. Also, his chronically swollen knee is healed."
- Cappy, Ayurvedic Cleanse


"The biggest change I notice is my intestinal blockage is so much better! I feel light and my appetite and trigger for when to eat seems to be back on track, which is huge for me. I felt supported and like I was in good hands the whole time
. Words can't describe how much has shifted for me: mentally, physically, emotionally. I feel ready for a new outlook and rhythm for my life. Thank you so much!"
- Leoni, Ayurvedic Cleanse

"The biggest tangible change I have noticed through this experience is a clearer mind. Everyone should do it at least once!"
- Anonymous, Ayurvedic Cleanse

Breakfast porridge with strawberries

"I learned some very tangible, practical and, most importantly, sustainable practices in this cleanse.  Thank you!"
- Janet, Ayurvedic Cleanse

"The biggest change I notice is how much better I feel while eating in a 'cleasning' and healthier way. The program was so well organized. The information was presented in a usable, informative way."
- Anonymous, Ayurvedic Cleanse

Spinach Avocado Soup

"The biggest tangible change I have noticed through this experience is decreased inflammation, especially in the brain. I can tell my body is clearing toxins. I also notice calmness, less over-stimulation. I enjoyed Adrian and her expertise, the group support and hearing other people's tips and experiences."
- Laurie, Ayurvedic Cleanse

"What I enjoyed most about this cleanse was the clarity of mind and increased energy and vitality I feel. The biggest change I notice is a huge improvement in digestive health. I'm craving good for me foods now! I would recommend this to those who want to begin the self healing process from within and to empower self healing."
- DeeDee, Ayurvedic Cleanse

Cranberries Heart
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