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The Mindbody Cleanse is based on the ancient time-tested cleansing process from Ayurveda known as panchakarma. It is a deep and profound cleansing technique because it supports clearing on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Unlike other cleansing methods, it pulls the fat-soluble toxins from the tissues and out of the body by a unique protocol in panchakarma called oleation, which means oiling the body inside and out to saturate the cells so that toxins can be released.

In conjunction with this is a simple, easy-to-digest diet using traditional healing foods from India, as well as stress management and self-care practices for a complete, holistic cleanse of the entire mindbody.


In short, the protocol is:


4 days of Preparation: This entails a whole foods, easy-to digest diet, liver cleansing practices, stress management and self-care. A wealth of delicious recipes are provided to support you in this phase.
7 days of Purification: This entails the oleation protocol, a traditional cleansing diet of primarily kitchari (spiced split mung beans and basmati rice), taking a laxative on day 7 and continued stress management and self-care. Again, a variety of recipes are included specifically for this phase, as well as several meal plan options and guidance in individualizing your cleanse for your mindbody type.
3 days of Rebuilding: Return to the clean, easy-to-digest, whole foods diet with a focus on digestive strengthening practices. Stress management and self-care practices continue in a sustainable way.
Rejuvenation: For several days to several months after the cleanse, foods, herbs and lifestyle practices that support the strengthening of the immune system, digestion and all tissues of the body are taken in. In Ayurveda, the process of rejuvenating the body is the main purpose of cleansing. Once the channels are clear and digestion is strong, rejuvenating foods and herbs can be properly absorbed and utilized by the body.

Discover the deep wisdom and beauty of Ayurveda through this practical and easy to follow book. Align with your true nature and experience healing on all levels of your being.

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Individual 14-Day Home Cleanse
- Consultation with protocol and followup session: $149
- For couples: $249
Available either in person or by phone/Skype.
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Includes a copy of The Mindbody Cleanse book, email and phone support during/after your cleanse, and guidance on individualizing your cleanse based on your current condition.  Herbs are optional and are not included in the cost of the cleanse sessions.


Individual 3-Day Home Cleanse

- Single consultation (90 minutes) with protocol: $95

Available either in person or by phone/Skype

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Includes a private session to determine your constitution type, a printed copy of the short cleanse protocol and recommendations for tailoring the cleanse to your constitution. Also includes email and phone support during your cleanse.

Group Home Cleanse
- Group Cleanse Class Series: $149
- For repeat cleansers: $119
- For couples: $249
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Group programs meet for 3 classes - one week apart each - that last about 60-90 minutes each. The group program includes a copy of The Mindbody Cleanse book, email support during/after your cleanse and a supportive group environment. The classes cover breathing practices for cleansing, yoga, cleanse protocol, support in keeping up healthy habits after the cleanse and inspiration and support from the other group members.  I find the group dynamic to be incredibly beneficial and healing while undergoing the cleanse.  Herbs are optional and are not included in the cost of the group tuition.  If you have a group of at least 6 people and would like to schedule a private group, please email me.  I can hold classes at your home or at an agreed upon location.

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Frequently Asked Questions
"How do I schedule my cleanse? Do I need to start on the day of the first class?"
I generally recommend cleansers start around the second class date in the three class group series. This allows a week to get acquainted with the protocol and gather necessary supplies. However, it is more important for you to schedule your cleanse when it works best for you. Women will want to schedule their cleanse away from menstruation and all cleansers will want to keep day 11 of the 14 day cleanse clear on their calendars.

If you have conflicts during the weeks of the cleanse group classes, you can still attend and get the support from the other participants. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about how to schedule around a conflict and we can figure out how to make it work for you. I find that when people wait until the "perfect" time, that time never arrives. Do your best and don't worry about your cleanse being perfect. 

"I'm busy and I still have to work! How much time is this going to take?"
It's not realistic for most people to take two weeks away. This cleanse is based on traditional Ayurvedic Panchakarma methods, but tailored to be done at home, so you can keep on working. The meals are nourishing, so you will have the energy to stick to your schedule. At its most basic, all you have to do is make a pot of kitchari each day. That's it!!! You can add supplements - this takes almost no time at all - for an even more complete cleanse. Yoga, breath work, baths, saunas and massages are all extra credit options that can also maximize your cleanse. It is recommended to simplify your schedule as much as possible, so if you can let go of some social engagements during the two weeks of cleansing, then do it.

"I can't live without food!!!! Do I have to fast?"
This is NOT a fast - you will NOT be hungry during this cleanse. (That's why I love this method and tried it to begin with.) The meals are delicious and you have a variety of meal plans to choose from.  

"I'm not sure I want to spend money on a supported cleanse. Is it worth it?"
What you get in this cleanse is FAR more than two weeks of cleansing....

     * Particularly if you are a caffeine drinker and are ready to release dependency on it to get through your day, you will make this money back during the cleansing month alone when you are no longer spending $5 per day on a latte at the coffee shop! ($5/day x 30 days = $150!!!) Now add that up over the course of a year - you are spending $1,800 to perpetuate the caffeine-dependency cycle. Spend far less and reset your body to function optimally without the caffeine crutch. Then you can choose that cup of coffee, instead of needing it.

     * Also consider what it may cost you if you don't cleanse - if you have high cholesterol and you do nothing, it gets higher, resulting in the need for prescription medication. These meds could cost $150 per month, not to mention the side effects they may come with. Through this cleanse, several cleansers have reported that their cholesterol levels returned to normal, just by following the simple two week program.  Many functions in the body may naturally normalize through this simple 2-week reset.

* Finally, remember that this cleanse triggers months of detoxification: modern studies on the panchakarma method of cleansing show that 14 different fat-soluble and cancer-causing toxins are released from the body, and that the levels of these toxins continues to go down for several months after the cleansing period is over. This is because we are resetting the main detoxification pathways of your body, so that detoxification can happen on a daily basis - as it is meant to.

"The dates and times for the groups don't work for me."
For the same price as the group program, you can schedule a personalized one-on-one cleanse. You get two private 50-minute sessions with me: one to get you started on the cleanse and create a schedule that works for you, and one to follow up at the end of the cleanse to transition back to your regular diet.

"How does the phone/video conference option work?"
I use a conference system called Zoom that allows participants to log into the class using either video or phone. If choosing the video conference option, you can sign up for Zoom and download the app to your computer or phone for free. (Available for PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android. View system requirements for the video app here.) A few days before each class I will provide the login information - you simply click the link to join the video conference. Your device will need to have a camera so other participants can see you. This email will also have a phone number for a dial in option if you prefer the phone option. You will not be able to see other participants but you can still participate in the discussions.

"What is oleation and why do we take ghee in the morning during the cleanse?"
Similar to the currently popular method of oil-pulling, oleation is the process of using fats or oils to remove ama from the body. It is a unique and profound aspect of the Ayurvedic method of cleansing and is part of traditional panchakarma protocol. When taking ghee in increasing amounts in the morning during the cleanse, we are able to saturate the cells and therefore pull fat-soluble ama out. Here is an article that goes more in depth on this subject.

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What do I need for the cleanse?
Here's a quick check list of cleanse essentials:

- Split yellow mung beans (also called mung dal or moong dal)
- Basmati rice (traditionally white is used, but brown basmati or quinoa work, too)
- Ghee (clarified butter, purchase or make your own from the recipe in your guidebook - flax or olive oil are a second option)
- Spices - any you like, but things like cumin, coriander, turmeric, etc are usually used
- Organic or hexane-free castor oil for the purge (triphala is a secondary option)

- Oil for daily self-massage (organic sesame or coconut; herbalized body oils can also be purchased)
- Herbs - these are completely optional but can further support the detoxification process; info is in your guidebook but email me if you'd like a specific list
- Beets, apples, fresh ginger and lemons - foods especially for the preparation and rebuilding phases
- Whole foods for the preparation and rebuilding phases; there are a wide variety to choose from, but basic examples are whole grains (quinoa, amaranth, rice, etc.), legumes (beans and lentils), in-season fruits and vegetables, and optionally organic lean chicken or turkey or fresh fish

You can order many of the harder to find items from me (either add during registration or order from me later), or you can purchase online from Ayurvedic suppliers, such as Banyan Botanicals. Email me with any questions!

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