About Me!


Adrian Nowland, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Holistic Health Coach

I am a mother, sister, daughter, gardener, artist, writer, chef, yogi, nature lover, human lover, backpacker, rock climber and life adventurist! But of all the things I do in my life, guiding and witnessing others in radical health transformation is at the top of my list. I love what I do.

My healing journey took many years. I followed restrictive diets that made me incredibly unhappy, although all the while I thought it was what I needed to do. Through Ayurveda, I have come to realize that true health is about a lot more than what to eat. It's about mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, which is all interconnected with our physical well-being. Through Ayurveda I have found a middle way to health and eating that is more healing and nourishing than my "perfect" diet ever was.

I love co-creating wellness plans that encompass not just what to eat, but how to eat it, how to appreciate it, how to love it - and how to love yourself, through self care, breath work and exploration. It is from this place that we can discover true health.

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