Cleasning to Love - Not Change - Yourself

So often in modern culture a cleanse or detox program is undertaken because we don’t like something about ourselves – we want to lose weight, to get rid of cellulite, to get our insides as squeaky clean as our kitchen counters. This thinking promotes the idea that there is something “wrong” with us or that we are inherently unclean.

One simple shift that can have a profound impact on your spring cleanse is to take a good look at what your intention is in cleansing. Is it to change something, to remove something unwanted? Or is it to spend time loving yourself? In the Ayurvedic cleanse, we spend a lot of time practicing self care and the benefits people experience are much deeper than weight loss or smoother skin. (Although these often happen, too!)

When the intention shifts in this direction, so much of the rest of the psychology around cleansing also shifts. Instead of wanting to push harder (no pain, no gain!) we start to soften and submit to the process. Mentally, we are able to accept that everything is as it should be. We can trust that this cleanse process, which has been practiced for thousands of years, is working to support us in being the very best version of ourselves. When we soften in this way, the level of cleansing actually is deeper - when we are relaxed, the body is more willing to release stored toxins and body systems begin to function optimally.

A cleanse supporting us to be our very best version of ourselves – now, this is very different than seeking a change. This mentality reminds us that we already have everything we need. We are perfect the way we are. The work is to clear the space for the perfection of our being to shine. This is the gift that Ayurveda gives us. At its roots, it teaches us that we are perfect and that when we are in balance, we are able to fulfill our work, or dharma, in the world.

As you enter into your spring cleanse this year, take some time to set an intention that is positive. What would your cleanse be like if you make your cleanse all about love for yourself? How might that shift the results you get? How might that play into how you feel on a day-to-day basis after the cleanse? How might that shift what you choose to eat or how you choose to structure your days once the cleanse is over? From this place of deep love for the self, all of our actions suddenly align with allowing the very best version of ourselves to shine.


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