Making Your Smoothies More Winter Worthy

There's a lot to love about smoothies. They're usually sweet, they go down easily and they are a quick way to boost your nutrition for the day. However, smoothies are not ideal for winter because their cold nature will further increase the vata-qualities of cold and dry. So what to do in the middle of winter when you're craving a smoothie? Here are a few tips to make your smoothies more winter-worthy!

  1. Drink them at room temperature or warmer. Just this one simple switch can make your smoothies better for winter. So skip the frozen fruits and berries and use those that are ripe on your counter.
  2. Add some cooked items. This can take longer to make, unless you have something on hand. Try adding some baked squash or pumpkin or sweet potato from last night's dinner. (Think Pumpkin Pie Smoothie.)
  3. Add some good fat. The yummy fats from avocados or coconut are balancing during winter, so be sure to add them in.
  4. Choose vata-balancing fruits, such as mango, banana, peaches or dates.
  5. Add some protein, such as chia seeds or a high quality whey protein powder.

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to give up your smoothie ritual. Make one or two of these changes until the weather warms during summer.


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