3 Ways to Stay Balanced During Fall

The energy swirling around in our world right now is intense - and not just because of the recent election (although that's got a lot to do with it).

Fall and early winter are considered vata season and they bring an excess of the air and space elements.  This means more lightness, coldness, mobility and generally more roughness around the edges. While some constitution types may be affected more than others, everyone benefits from working to bring balance to each season. The fast, cold winds present in nature at this time have a greater effect than we realize on our mental and emotional state.  Anxiety, insomnia, fear, worry, nervousness, scattered thinking and difficulty finishing projects are all the result of this vata-energy.

As if this wasn't enough, the stress of the holidays further aggravates vata.  Be proactive this year and keep yourself warm and grounded so you can enjoy your holidays instead of suffering through them. 

Here are a few tips to keep you balanced right now:

* Choose foods that are warm, moist and grounding.  This includes plenty of root veggies (beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes), winter squash, soups and stews, and whole grains.  Meat in general is warming and grounding, so if you eat meat at all, now is the time to find some high-quality choices to add to your diet.  Use plenty of spices, too!

(Try this Creamy Kabocha Curry)

* Oil your body daily with sesame oil. The practice of self-massage with oil is not only excellent for combating dry skin that often arises during this time of year, but is also calming to the central nervous system.  By starting at the top of the head and working down the face, ears, neck, etc., ending with the soles of the feet, you are bringing your energy into alignment as well as massaging important marma points that support relaxation.

* Spend some time each day in quiet contemplation. While this may be the hardest to follow through on, it may also be the most important. Whether you practice daily prayer, meditation, breath work or simply sitting and observing nature, be sure to spend 10 minutes a day in quiet contemplation.  This greatly off-sets the mobile nature of this time of year and will calm anxiety, worry and fear by bringing a sense of grounding and peace.


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