Top 10 Reasons to Try a 2-Week Kitchari Cleanse

  • It's completely safe. This cleanse is based in ancient Ayurvedic medicine and the method is over 3,500 years old! It has been tested...and tested and tested and tested.

  • You get to EAT real FOOD. It's true! This is NOT A FAST. When there is stress present, the body will not release toxins...and when we feel like we are starving, we are stressed. Kitchari and ghee used in this cleanse are detoxifying for many reasons, which include improving beneficial gut bacteria, cleansing the liver, scrubbing the intestines, lubricating and softening hard tissues in the body and supplying plenty of Omega 3s, CLA, antioxidants, vitamins A, D, E and K, and various minerals.

  • Blood sugar balance. High blood sugar levels have been linked to poor memory, accelerated aging, increased weight gain, cravings and many other negative mental and physical conditions. In this cleanse, the body is re-trained to burn fat, which automatically brings blood sugar levels back to a normal state - and solves many of these problems.

  • Weight Loss. 87% of previous cleansers have reported losing weight during this cleanse. How MUCH is quite a wide range: actual pounds lost and kept off range from 3 to 23 pounds! In most cleanses overall consumption of food is decreased, therefore slowing down metabolism. However, in the two week kitchari cleanse, you continue eating until you are full but digestive fire, the liver and the colon are better able to process this food, so you continue to lose weight. Ayurvedic medicine has always known it's not a calorie-in-calorie-out process.

  • Better digestion. Digestion is at the root of ALL disease. Poor digestion, that is. After the main cleansing period is over, we follow a very specific digestive reset protocol so that digestion is stronger than ever. No more gas, bloating or IBS.

  • More energy. By clearing out the detoxification pathways and resetting digestion, energy is inevitably improved. In fact, 83% of all cleansers reported better energy after their 2-week cleanse. When the body isn't working so hard to process food and toxins, it is freed up for other things, like hiking, paddle boarding, running and playing with your children.

  • Better cognitive function. As the body learns to use fat for fuel during this cleanse, you will notice your brain working better. Why? Because fat is a long, slow burning fuel and you will no longer be victim to the highs and lows of blood sugar fluctuations.

  • Decreased inflammation, aches and pains. As I said before, ALL disease has its roots in poor digestion. As we scrub the intestinal lining of old build-up, soothe and repair the lining and rebuild digestion, many cleansers have reported decrease or elimination of arthritis and general aches and pains.

  • Identify hidden food sensitivities. Because the diet is simplified for two weeks, after the cleanse is a great time to test foods you suspect are causing you problems.

  • It's only two weeks! What better way to spend two weeks than nourishing yourself, resetting your digestion and getting your mind and body back to complete health? I don't know of any other way to get such huge results that last in such a short amount of time.


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